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Helping music artists make sense of it all through strategic planning &
1 on 1 guidance. 

New Project - 2023-11-29T030054.278.png
New Project - 2023-11-29T030054.278.png

Providing advanced project management for music releases offering multi release campaigns. We act as a central communication hub making sure your label or otherwise music business as an artist or manager runs smoothly. 





Getting you from A to B

The music industry comprises various interconnected components, and our role is to provide clarity and guidance by deciphering these complexities. We assist in identifying the necessary actions to help you achieve your desired goals within the industry.

Through our expertise, we connect the dots and establish correlations among pivotal aspects of the music industry specifically tailored to independent artists, labels and managers. Our objective is to develop a comprehensive blueprint of your short or long-term career plan, complete with a roadmap and practical steps to implement along the way.

We provide plans for individual releases spanning from a minimum of 3 months up to 3-year multi-release blueprints. In addition, we also offer comprehensive campaign creation for these releases and full project management of the release, handling everything from marketing, administration, and SEO to PR and creative direction. Alongside project management, you will also benefit from our personalised 1-on-1 consultancy. We are available at your request for calls and in-person or Zoom meetings to discuss any queries you have and to keep you updated.

New Project - 2023-11-29T023552.471.png
New Project - 2023-11-29T023552.471.png

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